12 Top Arabic Gold Jewellery Designs and Inspiration

The love of gold and jewellery is eminent in Arab culture. Arabic gold jewellery is popular for its intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship. From heavy and traditional to delicate and contemporary, Arabic gold jewellery offers a versatile range of designs.

Let’s explore the top 12 Arabic gold jewellery designs to get inspiration from. Whether you’re a gold jewellery connoisseur or simply browsing for new jewellery inspiration, this list has something for everyone.

The Top 12 Arabic Gold Jewellery Designs and Inspiration

1.    Khaleeji Necklaces

Arabic khaleeji necklace design

The Khaleeji necklace is a traditional jewellery design in the gulf countries and features designs inspired by the rich culture of the Arab world. This type of Arabic gold necklace has long, heavy strands of gold chains put together in tiered form. Moreover, these gold chains are sometimes embellished with gemstones, pearls, or enamel work for an added flair. Due to its rich history and royal appeal, a Khaleeji necklace is one of the best pieces in Arabic gold jewellery designs.

2.    Bedouin Ring

The Bedouin ring has its roots in the desert-dwelling tribes of the Middle East. It is often made from gold or silver and features elaborate designs and patterns reflecting cultural heritage. A Bedouin is a large and chunky statement gold ring displaying intricate patterns and cultural motifs in some variations. It is a popular Arabic gold accessory that adds a Middle Eastern appeal to any outfit.

3.   Thobe Necklaces

A thobe necklace is most common among men in Arab culture that goes with traditional clothing items such as a kaftan or a thobe. The design of a thobe necklace varies from region to region. In general, a thobe necklace features ornate beads or stones strung together with delicate gold chains. However, some variations feature larger beads and heavier chains for a statement look.

4.    Filigree Earrings

Filigree is one of the most popular Arabic gold jewellery designs, which feature elaborate and detailed patterns made of twisted and curled gold wires. The earrings are sometimes embellished with gemstones or beads but look quite elegant as is. The most popular earring style in filigree earrings is the drop dangle, which features a long gold wire hanging down the earlobe with a charm or gemstone at the bottom.

5. Arabic Gold Headpiece

Arabic gold headpieces are popular in Arabic and Middle Eastern alike. The designs of headpieces are versatile, however, most of them feature intricate patterns made from gold and decorative elements such as gemstones, diamonds, and other precious embellishments. Arabic gold headpieces are a fine choice of accessory to introduce a royal flair to your outfits for weddings and special occasions.

6. Gemstone Jewellery

Widely used in Arabic gold jewellery desings, from stones stud necklaces to rings, gemstones give an added charm to your jewellery piece. Valuable gemstones like zirconia, emerald, sapphire, and ruby accentuate the beauty and luxury of Arabic gold jewellery. Items embellished with gemstones creates a bold and statement, appropriate for upscale events and festive occasions.

7. Almas Rings

Arabic Almas ring

Treasured for its exquisite design and gemstone, the Almas ring is a type of Arabic gold ring that often features a pear-cut emerald or diamond, carved with intricate patterns, set on a gold band. The ring is considered highly valuable due to the use of top-tier stones in its making. Its elaborate design makes the Almas Ring an elegant choice for special occasions. 

8. Hamsa Hand Bracelet

Hamsa hand is a popular Arabic motif, widely used in Arabic gold jewellery. It is a hand-shaped amulet believed to have protective qualities against evil spirits. The Hamsa hand is a commonly used charm in Arabic gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The spiritual significance and unique appearance of Hamsa hand jewellery makes it a thoughtful choice for gifts.

9. Maala Necklaces

Made from gold or other precious metals, a Maala necklace features embellishments in the form of pearls or luxury gemstones. The most popular type of Maala is a long and elaborate necklace with several tiers adorned with intricate beads and decorative elements. The Maala necklace has a cultural and symbolic significance in Middle Eastern countries and makes a stunning traditional Arabic gold jewellery design for elaborate celebrations, weddings, etc

10. Arabic Coin Necklaces

Often associated with wealth, prosperity, and good luck in Arab culture, the use of coins in jewellery dates back to ancient times. An Arabic coin necklace features a gold coin inspired from the currency of Gulf countries. The necklace design can vary, from single to multiple coins and vintage to contemporary styles. Overall, it is a unique and timeless Arabic gold jewellery design that holds special meaning due to its cultural heritage.

11.    Arabic Gold and Pearl Jewellery

Gold and pearls are two of the most prestigious choices in the jewellery world. Arabic gold jewellery adorned with pearls makes an exquisite choice for several occasions. You can find choices as understated as a delicate pearl and gold pendant necklace or as striking as a layered pearl and gold necklace or choker.

12.   Anklets

Women love anklets because they perfectly symbolize beauty and femininity. As is obvious from the name, you Arabic gold anklets around the ankle. They are available in a wide range of designs, from simple and minimal to bold and embellished so you can find one for any occasion. Moreover, anklets make a fine choice to add a touch of elegance or traditional flair to any outfit.

To Wrap It Up

In short, the world of Arabic gold jewellery designs is diverse. Arabic Jewellery is a wonderful fusion of elegance, cultural heritage, luxury, and beauty. We have covered the most coveted designs of Arabic gold jewellery in this article. However, you can discover more unique pieces on your own, because the variety in Arabic gold jewellery is pretty much endless.

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